A collection of voices from fellow black female engineers and my own experiences prompted me to write this, it is with my hope that it is well received. This article is intended to be presented as an informational and practical offering of guidance for those who are working alongside a black female engineer within a male-dominated industry. Written with love by a black female software engineer.

In some spaces being a woman is enough of a hurdle to combat. Insert being a black woman and things can get even more interesting. Fortunately, there are spaces where being a black woman…

release, an image of a person reclaiming their power
release, an image of a person reclaiming their power

The 2020 year provided many of us with the time to go inwards… the time to examine current conditions and the time to separate from what’s not working. Examining questions like “Is there a better way, a better option? How do we make change when others resist change? How do you reason with someone who is unreasonable?”.

The answer to that last question is you don’t. There is nothing that can be said or be done to impose on someone else’s opinion. …

Hot girl summer would not be complete without me sharing some big wins and even bigger announcements. These past few months have been exciting, challenging, and eventful to say the least. Thankfully, I’m happy to report my life has been completely redefined in major ways due to accepting my first full-time role as a Software Engineer for a local Austin, TX tech startup!

As an African-American single mother with a non-CS degree, this huge leap into tech brings forth so many new opportunities and gains. While some of us know the saying “it ain’t no fun ‘less we all get…

I vividly remember my first time learning about functions. Specifically functions with multiple parameters. I remember staring at the screen rereading the line that declared the function then skipping down to where the function was being invoked. Again and again I read

function doThis(param1, param2){ 
doThis(“clean up”, “sleep”);

…but it did not yet make sense as to why it worked. It wasn’t until I went into Chrome’s developer tools and played around with the debugger that it made sense. I placed a breakpoint down where the function was being invoked and stepped into the function and it’s statements…

I hate to spill the beans so early but companies do hire “junior” developers or as I’d like to call it early career developers. The only catch is that companies are playing the classic game of playing hard to get. That is unless you’re some kind of a super genius unicorn programmer. But for most of us early career devs we rely heavily on internships, referrals, and noteworthy projects to get us a real shot with a company. …

Camille Hall

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