Silent wars require introspection, first.

Camille Hall
2 min readMay 28, 2020
release, an image of a person reclaiming their power

The 2020 year provided many of us with the time to go inwards… the time to examine current conditions and the time to separate from what’s not working. Examining questions like “Is there a better way, a better option? How do we make change when others resist change? How do you reason with someone who is unreasonable?”.

The answer to that last question is you don’t. There is nothing that can be said or be done to impose on someone else’s opinion. While that might be, there is still much power with starting positive change from within and like a ripple effect it will spread.

Be mindful of how you treat others even if they are disrespectful.

Exchanging energy can be taxing so be cognizant of how you treat others even if they are disagreeable. This does not mean allow disrespect to continue. Not at all, but rather to first check yourself and take a moment to decide on whether you want to invest your time and emotions into entertaining malicious people.

Next, be proactive. Take back your power and regain control of yourself. One can no longer be a puppet once they have remembered they were holding the scissors to freedom all along. Don’t lose sight of that. You have more power than you may realize in the situation, use it wisely.



Camille Hall

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